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Guy Rotem – Ecology Landscape and Environment

Dr. Guy Rotem is a senior consultant who specializes in ecological consultation services, design services and open space management, which he has provided to various organizations in the past decade. He has served as a consultant in both the private and public sectors, working closely with land management organizations which have had an impact on the open space in Israel. His team is comprised of multidisciplinary professionals, who together perform applied research, ecological surveys and assessments of nature and landscape resources, both in open spaces and and urban environments.

Dr. Rotem’s services include: 
  • Ecological Consultancy
  • Planning and management of open space
  • Agro-ecology
  • Ecological studies
  • Field surveys
  • Ecological and Environmental reviews for various projects. 
  • Consultant and planning of urban areas with urban ecology orientation.
Wheat fields as an ecological trap for reptiles in a semiarid agroecosystem
Intensive agricultural activity over large areas on earth, which is necessary to meet the increasing demand of a growing human population, may lead to biodiversity loss. This loss may be mitigated by keeping natural and semi-natural patches within agricultural fields to allow the maintenance of biological diversity (‘Wildlife Friendly Agriculture’).
The Effect of Anthropogenic Resources on the Space-Use Patterns of Golden Jackals
We studied the influence of agricultural villages on space-use patterns of golden jackals (Canis aureus Linnaeus) in the Mediterranean region of Israel.
Agricultural heterogeneity as effective tool to keep spatial connectivity
In a previous research we showed that wheat fields served as an ecological trap for individuals of a reptile species -- Trachylepis vittata – that move one-directionally, from natural patches to wheat fields, to their death. We extended this research to compare movements of individuals between pea and wheat fields, which commonly rotate at our study area.
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